Saturday, 3 June 2017

No more peel-off film, we use Instax wide instead.

Fujifilm discontinued FP-3000b and FP-100c and make million Polaroid Automatic Land Cameras paper weights or pops for photo shooting.

Indeed,  if you have a dark bag and an Instax Wide camera, you can use the Instax Wide camera to develop the Instax Wide film photo taken in a Polaroid Land Automatic Camera. 

With the help of a dark bag, we can put an Instax Wide cartridge into the film compartment of a Land Automatic. After the shot, use the dark bag to transfer the cartridge to an Instax Wide camera, cover up the lens and take a blind shot, the Instax Wide camera will eject the film and the photo starts to develop.

Here is a comparison of the quality of photos from an Instax 100 and a Polaroid Automatic #240 Land Camera:

Fujifilm Instax 100 has a wider angle lens and wider field of depth than Polaroid Automatic Land Camera #240. The Polaroid outperform Instax 100 with swallow depth of field and more details captured on the film.  Land Camera is a manual focus equipment that allow better focusing when photo shooting.  The lens itself gives more details in both over exposure and under exposure areas. Colors captured is more saturated than Instax 100 too. 

Moreover, I love the darkened photo, which gives the photo another layer of impression.

Although ISO rating of Instax Wide film is 800, it is fine to set your Polaroid to ISO 300.  

To allow closing the backdoor of the Land camera,  I removed the film glider inside the back cover of my Land camera.  To apply constant pressure to the film when the film cartridge is half used,  I put two foams into the slots of the Instax film cartridge.

I wish some enthusiasts will make a custom mod kit to allow using an Instax in a Land automatic without a manual swap of film. But before it happens,  I am happy with the current solution. 

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